Conference Program

Flexor Tendon Brochure

Friday, October 25 from 6-9 pm (Registration starting at 5:30 pm)

Saturday, October 26: 8-4:30pm with lunch on your own (Registration starting at 7:30am)

This intermediate level evidence-based course is designed to enhance the clinician's understanding of the impact of upper extremity tendon injuries on the wrist and hand. This comprehensive course provides an analytical approach to the rehabilitation of tendon injuries. The course includes treatment protocols, case studies and review of current research and literature.

  1. An in depth knowledge of extensor Tendon Anatomy

  2. Biomechanics and Zone specific Management of Extensor Tendon Injuries

  3. A detailed understanding of flexor tendon anatomy

  4. An understanding of Biomechanics and Zone specific Management of Tendon Injuries

  5. An understanding of tendon behavior following fractures, complex injuries and secondary deformity

  6. Knowledge of specific therapeutic intervention required for satisfactory results

This presentation demonstrates detailed animation and video-clips of cadaver dissection, surgery, pathomechanics, and treatment to ensure greater understanding of the subject.

*13.2 Contact Hours