Conference Program

Brochure Wound Care

Brochure Wrist & Carpal Kinematics

Wound Care Course: Topics to be addressed:

Saturday, August 11:

  • Understanding the wound healing process

  • Evidence based use of modalities in use of wound care

  • Dressing application and techniques-Choosing the appropriate dressings

  • Packing and unpacking wounds

  • Bedside irrigation

  • Documentation

Wrist Course: Topics to be addressed:

Saturday, Sunday December 1-2:

  • Anatomy of the Wrist-Hand-On-Drawing Ligaments

  • Kinematics of the Wrist and Forearm

  • Evaluation of the Wrist–with Hands-on Lab

  • Distal radius fractures

  • Carpal Dislocations and Instabilities

  • Carpal Fractures

  • Common surgical procedures of the wrist

  • TFCC injuries

  • Management of the stiff wrist