Past Courses


Jacksonville Upper Extremity Conference-

Emphasis on the Elbow

January 25-26, 2008

*Elbow Instability- Aaron Bates,MD

*Total Elbow Arthroplasty- Stephen Trigg, MD

*Tendon Transfers around the Elbow-Peter Murray, MD

*Rehabilitation Considerations after Posterolateral Instability and Rehabilitation considerations after Total Elbow Arthroplasty-Mike Szekeres, OT, CHT

*MUCL Repair in the throwing athlete-Samuel Young, MD

*Radial Head Fractures-Chris Goll, MD

*Rehabilitation considerations after radial head fractures-Jennifer Dodson, OTR/L,CHT

*Rehabilitation after MUCL Repair-Jennifer Dodson, OTR/L,CHT

*Distal Humerus Fractures and Fixation-Paul Gladden, MD

*Rehabilitation after Distal Bicep and Tricep Repairs-Brian Laney, OTR/L,CHT
*Evidenced based Rehabilitation for Lateral Epicondylitis-Kim McVeigh, OTR/L,CHT


Jacksonville Shoulder and Wrist Conference

August 9, 2008

*Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty-Cedric Ortiguera, MD

*Shoulder Instability-Samuel Young, MD

*Rotator Cuff Repair-Rahul Deshmukh,MD

*Scapular Dyskinesis-Scott Haak, PT, CSCS, MOT

*Shoulder Impingement- Chris Kopp, PT, OCS

*Wrist Anatomy and Biomechanics- Kim McVeigh, OTR/L,CHT

*Distal Radius Fractures and Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain- Mike Szekeres, OT, CHT

*Radial Sided Wrist Pain-Brian Laney, OTR/L,CHT

*Zone 5 Flexor Tendon Injuries- Jennifer Dodson, OTR/L,CHT

*Lab sessions:

1. Pilates for the Upper Extremity Therapists

2. Functional Bracing

3.Clinical Exam of the Wrist


A Splinting Guide: Immobilization Splinting with Orfit Industries
January 24,2009

Instructor: Deborah Swartz OTR/L,CHT


Sports Related Injuries to the Upper Extremity

March 14, 2009
*7:30-8:15am: Registration/Vendors
*8:15-8:30: Welcoming Address
*8:30-9:05 Wrist Pain (Bruce Steinberg, MD)
*9:05-9:30: Therapist Management of Ligament injuries (Joanna Starkey, DPT,CHT)
*9:30-9:55: Fractures of the Hand (Garry Kitay, MD)
*9:55-10:20: Therapist Management of Fractures of the Hand (Julia Guthart, OTR/L,CHT)
*10:20-10:35 BREAK/VENDORS
*10:35-11:20: PIP and DIP dislocations/ Thumb UCL injuries (John Crick, MD)
*11:20-12:15: Functional Bracing and Demo(Kim McVeigh OTR/L,CHT)
*12:15-1:00: Lunch (Provided)
*1:00-1:30: Elbow injuries in Adolescents (Tim Day, MBA, B.App.Sci (Physiotherapy), B.Eng (Civil)(Honours)
*1:30-3:30: Shoulder Balance and Return to Sport Guidelines (Tim Day, MBA, B.App.Sci (Physiotherapy), B.Eng (Civil)(Honours)
*3:30-4pm:Use of Prolotherapy in the Athletic Population (Shane Shapiro, MD)
*4:15-5:30: LABS
*Throwing Lab (Tim Day)
*Functional Bracing (BSN Medical)


Get it Moving! Joint Mobilization to the Shoulder, Elbow, Forearm, and Wrist

September 18-19, 2009
Instructor: Ann Poretto-Loehrke PT,DPT,CHT,COMT


Jacksonville Upper Extremity Conference: Current Concepts in Flexor Tendon and Peripheral Nerve Injuries

January 23, 2010
*8:15-8:25: Welcoming Address

*8:25-9: Anatomy and Biomechanics of Flexor Tendons –
Chris Goll, MD

*9-10:15: Rehabilitation of Flexor Tendons-
Jennifer Dodson OTR/L,CHT

*10:15-10:30: BREAK/VENDORS

*10:30-11: Staged Flexor Tendon Repairs-
Brett Puckett, MD
*11-11:10: Question/Answers for Flexor Tendons (Dr. Puckett and Jen Dodson)

*11:10-12: Peripheral Nerve Injuries-
John Crick, MD


*1-2:45: Splinting and Rehabilitation of Flexor Tendons and Peripheral Nerve Injuries & Splinting Choices Following Flexor Tendon Injuries-
Sue Blackmore MS,OTR/L,CHT

*2:45-255: Questions for Sue Blackmore

*2:55-3:05: BREAK/VENDORS

*3:05-4:05: Tendon Transfers for Radial Nerve Injuries and Rehabilitation Following-
Chris Dillingham, MD and Brian Laney OTR/L,CHT

*4:05-4:15: Closing Remarks